Pianist Leonardo Reyna has so far enjoyed a career that has known many influences, originally coming from the island of Cuba, which led to a rich palette of colours and musical means of expression. Greatly gifted with a pianistic talent, Leonardo Reyna puts himself in the service of the higher power of music, through which he manages to inspire his listeners. His music posseses a own interpretative passion combined with a great virtuosism and the exquisite taste that is shown in a vast repertoire that ranges from the baroque to the contemporary.

He is a studious of the Afrocuban traditions which he integrates into his work as a composer, arranger and interpreter.

Listeners can feel the imagination and interpretive openness of this pianist in a timeless way, performed with a warm persuasiveness and rich tone.  While his musical personality has been shaped by many cultures, styles and traditions, Leonardo Reyna has found his very own extraordinarily inspired and convincing artistic being, present in the music he writes, expresses and shares.


recent LIVE performances by Leonardo Reyna