“Currently living in Berlin, I have been pursuing my musical journey in different countries for over the past twenty years, on one and the other side of the Atlantic, where I have expanded my knowledge and appreciation of the world, and yet finding my own musical “island” which is touched by different flavours and still representative of a new Cuban expression.


Distant and yet very attached and still intrigued by my roots, I felt the need of finding the sound perhaps a more representative one of my own musical identity. I am currently working on music compositions that in my opinion, melt the Afro-Cuban diaspora present in the Yoruba culture, brought to the island by the African slaves in the XVI Century, preserved as one of the foundation stones of the Cubanism, together with the distinguished and diverse landscape of sounds that the European music has so far given me along with my growth as an artist” – Leonardo Reyna




recent LIVE performances by Leonardo Reyna




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