Leonardo Reyna (1985) was born in Havana (CUB) within an intellectual family which has its roots in the arts and music. He started his musical studies at the age of five, receiving piano lessons from his mother and pianist Alejandrina Reyna.  Ever since, the piano has been his principal instrument and best mean of expression.

Being one of the most outstanding young contemporary pianists from Cuba,  Reyna has been awarded in more than fifteen Festivals and Competitions internationally, His playing characterizes an interpretative passion given by his Caribbean heritage and a solid training based on the techninc and stylistic fundaments of the classic european school of music. Reyna shows himself a versatile musician considering his wide repertoire as a soloist, chamber music performer.

Reyna has studied at the University of Art (ISA) and the National Conservatory “Amadeo Roldan” in Havana (CUB), with Teresita Junco and Rosario Franco, and in Chile as a protegee of Claudio Arrau´s disciple Roberto Bravo. He continued his Bachelor studies with a scholarship of the Escuela Superior de Musica "Reina Sofía" in Madrid and completed his Bachelor and Master degrees at the prestigiuos Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin, tutored by pianist Prof. Gabriele Kupfernagel, while deepening his knowledge as a soloist. During this time, Reyna also intensively worked as a chamber music performer and Lied accompanist coached by Prof. Wolfram Rieger and Thomas Quastoff. Parallely to his piano studies, Reyna has always expanded his knowledge of composition techniques and skills, in which his diverse influences melt with the important presence of the Afro-Cuban musical elements present in his roots.

Reyna has constantly performed around the world since 1997, when he was a very young prize winner in the "Claudio Arrau" International Piano Competition including halls such as Konzerthaus Berlin, Mendelssohn Haus Leipzig, Teatro Marti Habana, Cuba, Teatro Municipal de Chile, Auditorium Amadeo Roldan Cuba, and the Steinway House Berlin. In addition to these important cconcert venues, Reyna has performed for all kinds of audiences bringing his music to more than the concert halls in Latin-America and Europe. Being part of the "Roberto Bravo" Foundation in South America since a very young age, Reyna found could play music for comunities in places like hospitals, prisons, underground copper mines, and comunities at the top of a remote mountain

Leonardo has so far collaborated in many art projects where he finds a special affinity with dance. Furthermore, his versatility allows him to collaborate with audiovisual projects in which he has composed music for films and documentaries.

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At the age of twelve, Reyna debuted as a soloist with orchestra, playing Mozarts Piano Concerto No. 21. Ever since, he has been invited to play concerts as a soloist with the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Chile, the Orquesta Sinfónica de Concepcion, Chile and the National Cuban Symphony Orchestra. Recent performences as a soloist, have included his invitation to the 5th annual  International Festival of Young Pianists in Habana Cuba, for which he performed Grieg’s pianoconcerto with the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba and also debuted with his own composed repertoire, presenting his work as a composer on an international level. 

Leonardo defines his music as the sound - perhaps a more representative one - of his own musical identity.  It incorporates the Afro-Cuban diaspora and Yoruba music, brought to the island in the XVI Century and preserved as one of the foundation stones of a Cubanism, together with the distinguished and diverse landscape of sounds that the European music has so far given him along with his growth as an artist.

In Cuba, Brazil and Chile, Leonardo was prizewinner at the most important piano competitions such as "Amadeo Roldan", "Musicalia" and "UNEAC", including prizes for the best performance of Cuban music. In 2006 he won the second Prize at the International Piano competition "Ignacio Cervantes" in Havana and in 2009 and 2010 he was awarded with both a scolarship of the Albeniz Foundation for the Superior Academy of Music "Reina Sofi"a of Madrid as well as the scholarship Lucia-Loeser Kulturfonds Berlin.

Since April 2015, Leonardo has been part of the piano department of the Music School in Bethaniendamm, Berlin

Over the last few years, Leonardo has intensified and expanded in his artistic search collaborating with contemporary and innovative artistic and audiovisual projects in Kiev, Berlin, London, Havana and the Netherlands. As a part of this development he has also created a series of concerts in an art space in Berlin together with other artist. Reyna is currently rounding off the production of his first double LP album including important works by Schumann and Prokofiev and a second album with  works for piano of his own authorship.

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